Core Features

Travelling to a new place or country and you are worried about unforeseen emergency situation? You don't need to master emergency numbers because we have got you covered. Just at the tap of the call button, the app will dial the appropriate emergency number (Police, Ambulance or Fire Service) and connect to the local emergency service at your current location.
Concerned about your safety? A simple tap on the alert button allows you to send a distress message to your emergency contacts with a link to your location. From this link, your loved ones will be able to track your location in real-time. The app can automatically send a copy of the distrsss message to the local emergency authorities.
Meeting a new person, a date, a friend or colleague in a new place? Use the "Find Me" feature to send your location to the contacts you would like to share your location with. Your contact will be able to find you in real-time and you can switch off the "Find Me" button once you're able to locate your contact.
Get step-by-step guide on how to address local emergency situations and administer first aid treatment to victims in an emergency state to prevent their condition from worsening and promote recovery while you await help from your local emergency services.